1. Execution of Orders

1.1. The Company has imposed standard procedures in the execution of orders to attain the best possible outcome in the orders and trades. The Client ensures that he/she has fully read and understood the Risk Disclosure statement of the Company upon his/her execution of orders.

1.2. The Company complies with and maintains the internal procedures and principles to achieve the best possible results for the Clients wherein execution venues may change periodically and may be executed in the external market. The Company may use one or more of the regulated markets, multilateral trading facilities, third-party affiliates of financial or investment firms, and firms with similar nature of business. Orders may be disclosed to authorized third parties or affiliates if it deems necessary.

1.3. Different significant factors and means are considered before executing an order, including, without limitation, market price quote, the cost of charges, speed of execution, and the specifications of the order.

1.4. The Company verifies all order specifications to prevent any illegal or prohibited trading activities including, but not limited to, arbitraging and the use of expert advisors or any type of system that manipulates the platform.

1.4. The Client understands that some orders may be rejected or cancelled, and financial instruments may be unavailable to him/her for such order. This may be due to numerous reasons, including his/her type of account, the status or condition of his/her account, and due to standard policies of the financial markets.

1.5. General market price quotes are used when initiating, requesting, and executing an order. The Company reserves the right to reject or cancel any order of request with a specific size or volume, or any order with invalid specifications.

2. Order Conditions

2.1. The Company may disclose the Client’s order (i.e. show the order to the market) unless agreed not to on reasonable grounds. Orders may also be disclosed to the affiliates of the Company if it deems necessary.

2.2. For every instrument that the Company executes on behalf of the Client, the Company reviews the variation of trading venues or bases of liquidity that is annually provided.

2.3. In compliance with this policy, the Company may consider the use of one or more of the following execution venue categories:

  • Regulated Markets
  • Multilateral Trading Facilities
  • Systematic Internalizing
  • Third-party investment firms and affiliates
  • Entities performing similar functions

2.4. The Company regularly evaluates the execution venues accessible and may provide or remove venues upon agreement to acquire optimum results on a regular basis.

2.5. The Client can initiate, modify, and view his/her orders through the trading platform, while he/she can access the list of his/her orders and request to cancel an order through the official website. The Client can choose the expiration of his/her order from the following:

  • Day, Day + Extended Hours
  • Good Until Canceled + Extended Hours
  • Extended AM or Extended PM

3. Cancelation of Orders

3.1. All pending orders are considered Good ‘til Cancelled (“GTC”) wherein all orders shall be executed unless the Client requests for an order cancellation through email or the trading platform.

3.2. Cancellation of order is possible upon request, subject to the approval of the Company. If the specifications of an order are incomplete, the Client may only cancel the missing specifications of the order.

3.3. If the Client intends to remove or cancel a particular order, such action may only be conducted once the financial market is open.

3.4. Conducting cancellation of any order during market posting periods (pre-open, pre-close and aftermarket) is not allowed. Cancellations at the last minute can be highly risky and shall be avoided when necessary.

3.5. The Company may cancel or close market orders that were not executed as a result of volume insufficiency and such cancelled orders will be considered invalid to execute.

3.6. Cancellation or holding of order may be a result of, without limitation, network or system interruption, suspicious order, alleged or proven involvement in illegal financial and trading activities, or during irregular market conditions.

3.7. Modification, cancellation, and removal of pending orders are only allowed before such order is executed. If an order has been executed or is already trading in the market, such order will be considered invalid and “too late to cancel.”

3.8. The Client is responsible for ensuring that his/her pending orders are completely cancelled before initiating more orders to avoid overusing funds and overselling trades.